Tis the season…for beautiful PJ Lynch illustrations. Some of my most favorite Christmas stories have been vividly brought to life by this man’s paintbrush. I love looking at them when the snow is falling and carols are playing in the background. “The brightness of the shops where holly sprigs and berries crackled in the lamp … Continue reading


I read this quote from one of Picasso’s letters in a friend’s blog post today. I haven’t thought about it too deeply…but I think I like it. “And then, I understood what painting really meant. It’s not an aesthetic process; it’s a form of magic that interposes itself between us and the hostile universe, a … Continue reading

On Hutchmoot and grace.

Last weekend I made the trek to one of my favorite “loved words” places, the annual gathering of delightful people of the Rabbit Room which is known as Hutchmoot. Confession time. Ready? Here it is: Hutchmoot was not 100% super fun for me this year. In previous years, the weekend has been a sweet time … Continue reading


My small group is reading through Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster this summer. This little bit from the chapter on the discipline of service struck me this week. I’m so thankful for the people in my life and how they bring the Word of the Lord to me. “Finally, there is the service of … Continue reading

April 23.

Since today is the day that William Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon, died in 1616, it’s also the day that folks who are inclined to do this sort of thing celebrate his birthday (his actual date of birth is unknown). Shakespeare is awesome. Here are some bits I particularly enjoy. St. Crispin’s Day Speech – … Continue reading

Reading Lauren Winner.

I’ve been reading Lauren Winner these days. I think she’s great. Her most recent book, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis was published over a year ago, and I bought it immediately and intended to read it soon after. But, as it happens, I read other books first, and just now have gotten around to … Continue reading

Sharing is caring.

Over at my dear Rabbit Room there is a post ending with the phrase “You have been changed. How?” that is basically an open call for people to respond to Hutchmoot 2012 weekend. As I thought about that question, I poked around in my old files and found a document of my roughly-journaled-out thoughts about … Continue reading