About LW

Hey, reader. As stated above, I love words. Especially in combination with sentences and paragraphs, because then, if you’re lucky –you have a story.  Although I work at a publishing company and find myself in and around stories all day, I’ve discovered that there’s a certain kind of story that invites me to lean forward into it, prompts me to  interrupt a conversation with a grasp for a friend’s hand and say “HAVE you read such-and-such by so-and-so?” This is a place for me, and for you if you’re reading this, to share those words  and stories that delight us. Nothing brings me more joy than connecting people with words and stories that speak to them–so, I put these news tidbits and anecdotes out into the void in the hopes that they will find another reader’s heart to latch on to. You are welcome here.


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