The Charlatan’s Boy.

You know how there is that one book on your shelf that has been there a long time but, for one reason or another, you just haven’t read yet? And then one day you actually do pick it up and start reading and it’s suddenly clear that RIGHT NOW is the time that was pre-ordained for you to read that story? Yeah.

From The Charlatan’s Boy, by Jonathan Rogers. (Waterbrook, 2010)

Still there was some lonesomeness in leaving that old self behind. The joy of the new life spreading out in front of me didn’t clear out all the sadness of the old life. Not yet anyway.

I’ve felt that way at so many points in life. And this ending, I just love:

I spent I don’t know how many years believing I was just a ugly orphan that nobody loved. Turns out I’m covered up with people who love me–been loving me all my life. My whole life I thought I was the lonesomest boy in the world. But every day folks was lonesome for me–praying for me, talking about me. They even sung songs about me so nobody would forget who I was.

The singing finished. The council fire roared and lit every face with its glow. I looked around at my people and realized; every one of these folks is as ugly as me.

And aint that beautiful?


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